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Udgivet: 9. oktober 2023

GT3 - 4th split in the 16:00 GMT timeslot

Den 7. oktober 2023 deltog klubbens medlemmer til et SimRacing stævne online m. 10 timers MOTUL Petit Le Mans 2023, og nedenfor kan du se en engelsk nyhedsbeskrivelse af det ene hold:

GT3 - 4th split in the 16:00 GMT timeslot


Marcus Lid
Mark McLaughlin
Bud Dobson

Marcus qualified in 4th position out of 23 in GT3 class. and 15th overall.

Marcus started the race with no notable incidents. at the end of his first stint, as he was going in the pits. a group of GTP cars were flying towards him.

he was trapped in the middle, he had to brake slightly in order not to miss the pit entrance and became a ball in a pinball machine, he had a sharp hit to the rear wheel and ruined the car's suspension parts. 15 mins repair. at this point we were tumbling down the standings. Marcus rejoined the race in his second stint 18th in our class!

Bud took over the car and took the car through his double stints without any notable incidents, he was sliding a bit as the track got hotter. He passed car over to Mark, he did really well in his stints, the same cannot be said for an impatient GTP driver.

Mark closed the door as he went thro the downhill esses after Turn 2. GTP car didnt want to brake, he tried to force his way through. Mark ended up with a damaged car, had to limp car back to the pit for 20 mins repair. Marcus took over the car and went out for 3 stints.

We steadily climbed back to 6th place and reached the target of 6th place before the race timer hit the 2 hours remaining mark.  Mark came back in the car and took the car to finish line in a respectable 6th place after spending 35 mins in the pits repairing the car.

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