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Udgivet: 3. februar 2024

News from Daytona 24 | Team DSR White


Bud Dobson
Marcus Lid
Aharon Riolo
Mark McLaughlin

Deaf Sim Racing White team won the 24 Hours of Daytona Road on iRacing! It was a great team effort by Marcus, Mark, Bud, and Aharon! Their split only has 2 classes, 26 GT3 and 24 GTP and they were driving in BMW GT3.

Before the race, they discussed and decided that they would not attempt to qualify due to the chaos at the beginning of the race. We want to finish the race in one piece and do not want to risk getting damaged very early in the race. They started in the very back of the field, 25th out of 26 cars!

They had been practicing a lot with different setups for almost 3 weeks but they found the pace with the right setup and it paid off in the race! They had no issue with handling the traffic and were gaining on everyone for whole the race. There were a couple of close calls that could end their day, including one very minor accident with a Porsche GT3 but they were lucky that it was only 50s damage.

This race involves a lot of pit strategy, we need to balance between driving fast and fuel saving. Marcus and Aharon made sure their pace was up to the speed and kept a decent lead over the field. Mark and Bud did a great job with fuel-saving which paid off in the end without wasting the time to refuel before the checkered flag!

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