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Udgivet: 3. februar 2024

News from Daytona 24 | Team DSR Green


Anton Pulkkinen
Max Lindi
Matteo Kluk-Laurila
Simon Bergi

In the first 13 hours we were in first place and even lapped the second car two times!!! The three deaf team (Black, White and Green Team) were P1 at the same time and for a long time!!! We were so dominant!
Until someone hit us and our car got pretty badly damaged... The repair took 4 minutes, that's how long we waited and watched as we slide down to our place after our hard work.
After the repairs we ended up in P5 and have to fight our way back.

Since we were back up to P3, someone hit us again. We fought again and got back to P3 and got hit by someone again... and slipped to P7! After slipping to P7 we fought many hours for better place and slowly we got upside until P4 and avoided incidents so much that we can reach finish line without serving again penalty! That was very exciting and we never give up!!!

We chatted a lot to focus on the race! Anton was a great crew chief. He gives the drivers some important information about the race. Like, "Save fuel so you can go one more lap!" or give them compliments like "Good Pace!!" to help them motivate and focus more on the race.

Anton was also a great, experienced driver and three drivers (Simon, Matteo and Max) were completely new to iRacing for a few weeks. This endurance race were their first experience!!!

Completing P4 is a huge achievement for us!!! We are very motivated now!! We look forward to more races in the future! We can't wait to push again!

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